Usui Reiki                                              
Reiki is Japanese for "universal life energy", and is also a word used to describe a natural healing technique.

We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us, we are happy and healthy and we experience a sense of wellbeing. If a person's energy is low, they are more likely to suffer dis-ease.

It is a truly, beautiful treatment, which feels like a warm, glowing radiance that flows through and around you. It works on the person as a whole so treats the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, creating many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.
This includes chakra balancing.
                               Reiki Drumming                                       
Drum therapy is an ancient approach that uses therapeutic rhythm to maintain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Although many different cultures use this technique, the method is similar across the world.
There are several studies to show that drumming is helpful when treating many physical and emotional problems and it is beneficial to all age groups. It accesses the entire brain and synchronises both hemispheres of the brain which in turn can activate intuitive knowing, producing insight, understanding, integration, certainty, coviction and truth, which surpass ordinary understanding.

Combining Reiki and drumming creates the Reiki Drum Technique: a method of utilising the drum to integrate Reiki into a person's energy field, causing deep relaxation and holding the space for the body to reach a state of healing, equilibrium and optimal vibration.

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